• Construction sector,
• Electrical industry,
• Metal coating industry,
• Copper wire production,
• Colored glass and lighting industry,
• Transportation sector

(The customs tariff code of this product is 7403. and only 18% VAT is paid for import.)

It is the best product in the world in terms of product spectacles we will offer you. You can see the specti of our product on the second page. Product price delivered to the customs warehouse in the city you want in Turkey LME + 60 USD (tons) d. This price is valid for 24 tons purchase and separate prices can be given for bulk purchases. The delivery time of the product to the customs bonded area near you is 10 working days. The payment will be paid to our company as Letter of Credit or Advance after the SGS test to be performed by you. The delivery price of the product to your factory door is LME + 60 USD (ton) + 18% VAT + 4000 TL on the contract day. Packaging shape; The first priority in product packaging is the safety of copper cathodes. We do not use wooden pallets during transportation. We protect the cathodes against oxidation water and moisture in an appropriate way.


Number of Leaves per Bale: 40
Weight of Each Bale: 1800 – 2200 Kgs.
Weight Per Sheet: 45 – 55 Kgs.
Thickness: 5-6 cm
Width: 102 cm
Length: 106 cm

Production Method,

Copper cathode production with bioleaching tank, In this method, copper cathode production is carried out by thermophilic microorganisms in acidic solution by dissolving sulfide copper concentrate. Subsequently, using the conventional solvent extraction and electrovinning method, the London Metal Exchange (LME) class A (99.99% purity) copper was produced under ASTM B115.