Our company plans to bring the copper pipes produced by CAST & DRAW method to our customer first hand. Copper pipes are suitable for drinking water, heating, natural gas, liquid gas and fuel oil heating cooling systems – factory infrastructures and installations and the quality is the best in the world. between.
It is the best product in the world in terms of product spectacles we will offer you. You can see the specti of our product on the second page. Product price delivered to the customs warehouse in the city you want in Turkey LME + 60 USD (tons) d. This price is valid for 24 tons purchase and a separate price will be given for bulk purchases. Delivery time of the product to the nearest customs site is 10 working days.
It is produced as 15,30 and 50 meters. The delivery time of the products is 15 days. Copper coil pipes,

Grain products play a strategic role in many countries and are the main food source for the world population.


Textile and ready-to-wear sector started to grow rapidly with export-oriented development policy that was put into practice in 1980 and investments made in this sector have increased. When the textile and apparel sector considered together, the gross domestic product, the share in manufacturing and industrial production, exports, net foreign currency inflow to the economy, employment, in terms of macro-economic aggregates such investment is one of the important sectors in Turkey. Today, the Turkish textile and apparel sector is largely export-oriented. Existing capacities are much higher than domestic demand.