Grains are the main ingredient of human nutrition for thousands of years and have played an important role in shaping human civilization. Grains are dominant products in the world and planted in an area of ​​approximately 718 million Hectares each year, and 2.9 billion tons of production is made in this area.

The development level of the countries, the socio-economic structures and the nutritional habits of the individuals change day by day, grain products are the most important food source of the societies in the world and in our country. Almost all of grain products are used in both human and animal nutrition. Grains are consumed a lot because of their inexpensive, easy supply, easy to store and transport, not to deteriorate early, to be an energy source, to have a saturating feature, in part, to contain protein with high biological values ​​and to have a neutral taste and aroma. It is widely used to meet the nutritional needs of people and in various aid programs, especially in undeveloped regions where hidden hunger and unbalanced nutrition are involved.